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Chapter 32: Nature vs. Nurture

I guess it's hard to know what to say when, the day after your wedding, your new husband comes to you with a massive Acme-style pill to swallow and suggests you take it like a good girl.

Having said that, if I was a Sim and Elliot asked me to open wide for anything I'm sure I could accommodate h--... MOVING ON!

Naturally Bailey was a bit perturbed by this turn of events, but considering Eli is a trained Doctor and all I think it's safe to say she can trust him.

Woah. Even with her massive trouty mouth Bailey had trouble fitting that big pill in.

Elsewhere in the hemisphere, Blue and Vienna were having an altogether more romantic evening. After taking a trip to the spot where they'd shared their first kiss Vienna had been overcome by a sudden need to point her fingers in the air, and get down on bended knee...

You know I've sat through countless Sim proposals over the years and I think I'm pretty attuned to them, so when Blue pulled this face immediately I was a little concerned...

But maybe I was just paranoid? I mean, Blue has been crazy about Vienna for so long now, why in the world would she decline the proposal?

Fuck knows, but she did. This was deffo the most surprising rejection I'd ever had.

Still, undeterred I decided to push on by getting Vienna to propose again, immediately after. I figured it was just a blip and the second time Blue would say yes and I could just pretend the first incident had never happened.

But oh no! Not only did Blue reject Vienna again, she also laughed in her face!

Poor Viennese Whirl *sadface*

I really don't know what the hell went wrong with these two. I thought their marriage was a lock-down for sure, but I guess not.


Still, they seemed cosy enough later on that night so maybe there's still hope.

Blue and Vienna are confusing me for realz atm, but at least I can rely on Bailey and Eli for some dependableness... Wow, dependableness is actually a word! Who knew?

Anyways, not too long after the wedding Bailey found herself in an altogether different white ensemble as she proudly displayed a brand new baby bump, and Eli was thrilled.

Well, on the surface anyways- this is actually the face Eli pulled when Bailey told him the news...

Elliot, erm, doesn't like kids... Mmm I know, usually the Dislikes Children trait puts a big ol'kabosh on any baby making plans, but I hear Bailey is very persuasive.

She even got him reading baby books with her, despite Eli having no fucking interest in the subject.

And, as you well know, Bailey and Eli are a couple of randy mares at the best of times, but for some reason the addition of pregnancy made Bailey even more horny, and she kept wishing to roll on top of Eli all the time.

Elliot was pretty much powerless to resist- she is a bit of a heifer at present after all.

So whilst Bailey and Eli were engrossed in one liplock or another, the lusty feelings seemed to be a bit contagious as I also found Blue and Vienna embracing each other as well.

With these positive signs in mind I felt it was a good time for Operation: Proposal, Part Two. This time it was an altogether more low-key affair, as Vienna took Blue to a nice spot in the garden.

Once again it was pointy fingers time....

...And then there was a shocked face from Blue...

...Followed by an acception! HURRAH!

N.B.- Acception is actually not a word. Lame.

I tend not to give my Sims very long engagements, being pointless as it is, so not long after a small group gathered in the park to witness the marriage of Blue Heart and Vienna Marquis.

I must admit, given recent events I was a little concerned that Blue might do a runner- especially when she pulled this thinky face...

...But thankfully all was well!

Thank gawd for that. After a relationship full of ups and downs, Blue and Vienna were finally married and could celebrate with their first kiss as wife and wife.

Or not. Oh yes it must be that long-held lesbian wedding tradition I'd forgotten about- say I Do, scream the place down. Nice.

Ohhhh that explains it- Bailey's being an attention-hogging little piggy and stealing the glory away from the happy couple as she goes into labour AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME.

Fear not though- I bundled Bailey and Eli off to the hospital soon enough so Blue and Vienna could spend their wedding night in peace.

And they returned later with a little girl in tow.

As previously mentioned my awesome-o aging mod means that baby lifespans are not so long, so the next day Aurora aged up into a toddler.

She scares me.

She's a moody fucking bitch as well, and not in a Micahesque I'm-needy-but-adorable kind of way, she's just a devil child.

Elliot certainly doesn't like her, though that's hardly a stretch considering he has a strong distaste for anything child-shaped.

Mm, Eli I expected, but when even Bailey doesn't want to dedicate some time to imparting her knowledge to someone you really have to question things.

Aurora did have one supporter though in the form of Blue, cause Blue's lovely.

Eesh it seems awfully quick that we arrive at birthdaydom doesn't it? Well, toddlers do only last like three days in my game and Aurora didn't do much else but consistently throw a paddy, so there wasn't much to take pictures of. So yeah- birthday time.

Is it inappropriate to say that a child looks like a whore...?

Ahem, anyways. As you might imagine, Aurora's transformation did little to make Eli take any interest in his daughter. Nope, he prefered to be out in the neighbourhood injecting people with kryptonite rather than enjoying family time.

OMFG, how is Krypton in Firefox's dictionary but kryptonite isn't? What the fudge...

Anyways, but whilst there was little change in Aurora's relationship with her father, her relationship with her mother certainly improved as Bailey jumped at the chance to educate her daughter.

I totally typed 'groom' instead of 'educate' when I first wrote that, what the fuck is wrong with me?

Speaking of wrong- apparently everything Aurora does is just that, particular in the eyes of her father. I don't blame Aurora for wanting to form a bond with Eli, but did she really think silly faces was really the best way to achieve that?

Eli certainly fucking didn't, and he shunned her immediately.

Ha, funny thing though- whilst Aurora couldn't really respond when Eli pulled faces at her as a toddler she could certainly do something about it as a child, which she did- frequently.

Call me crazy, but I don't hold out much hope for this relationship...

But ah, whilst Eli certainly isn't going to win any awards for Father of the Year (something I can say with confidence I'm sure he doesn't give two flying fucks about) there is one relationship in which he does excel, and that is his marriage to Bailey.

The lust bunnies have been together for, well, a fricking long time now- particularly in Sim years- and thankfully are showing no signs that they're falling out of love any. They don't even argue yanno.

I don't think they really have time to disagree anyways- not when there are more important things to be doing...

Sexytime definitely is more important than dinner time or family time in the Heart household, which sadly means that Aurora is left to her own devices most days. And it's not even like she can spend time with friends instead of her family because, erm, she doesn't have any... Don't blame me- she's actually a very mean and bratty child, and I don't blame the other kids for not wanting to hang out with her.

Nevermind though- maybe the nice new baby Bailey's incubating in her tummy could turn out to be Aurora's new BFF?

Yep, Bailey's preggo again, which of course means that Eli is due to have his buns squeezed whether he consents or not.

I wish I could say Bailey and Eli managed to squeeze in a bit of baby-preparation in between love-ins, but that would be a lie...

UBERMEGABIRTHDAYTIMENOW! First up was Vienna, who sadly aged alfresco.

Then, two days later it was Eli's turn. Now you may remember Eli and Bailey both share a birthday, but of course it's hard to transition when you've got a baby inside you, so Bailey's birthday was delayed a bit.

But apparently Bailey's not happy having her birthday delayed for anyone, so she worked on getting the baby out pronto.

O_O Oddly calm labour face...

Woooo it's a (scared-looking) boy!

Free of her bump at last Bailey aged up just a few minutes later.

The following day the megabirthdaysesh continued with Aurora, who aged up into a teenager.

A very trampy teenager...

You know for some reason I had high hopes for Aurora in her teenage years in terms of her relationships with others. Okay, so she may have ROTTEN written through her like a stick of Blackpool rock, but that doesn't mean she can't change right? I mean- look at her now, merrily playing with Blue. What a nice well-mannered young lady.

Oh, who am I kidding? Nothing short of a personality transplant could make Aurora go nice overnight, especially when it comes to how she treats Vienna in particular.

On this occasion she was so mean to Vienna she even gave her a stomach ulcer...

Or mebbe not ;)

Yup, Blue and Vienna are indeed pregnant. Yey! I forsee beautiful bebbes on the way which'll be nice, and it'll give Angelius someone to play with.

'Who?' I hear you ask. Ah, maybe I should introduce you to the newborn properly.

This here is Angelius Heart, and he's rather adorable I thinks.

Blue certainly loves him, which is no surprise as she loves all kids despite not having the Family Oriented trait. Ho well, it's actually a massive help that Blue's so keen to be hands-on with the kiddies, cause Bailey's definitely a more hands-off kind of gal.

Well, except Elliot's hands- apparently they can be on whenever they want, wherever they want (which, as I'm sure you learnt in Sex Ed tends to lead to kiddies).


Poor guy. I'm surprised his man-bits haven't fallen off what with all they've been through.

Eek, three preggo ladies in the house- I'm surprised Elliot can cope with all those hormones flin-flanging around. At least it's coming to a close though, for Blue in particular but not Vienna for some reason. Maybe she's going for a water birth...

Ah, that's better- nice of you to join us Vienna.

And yey double girlies!

Blue's pregnancy had also caught her in the middle of supposed birthdaydom, but as soon as she'd finished pushing the kid out she was free to age up.

With Blue busy caring for her own bambinos for once Bailey had to look after Angelius all by herself (seriously- all alone; Eli and Aurora are no fucking help). And, speaking of Blue's babies, I think it's time we took a look at them all toddlerised right?  

*pre-emptive squee...*


Readers, meet Parvati and Aphrodite Heart-Marquis.

Eeek, the two youngest Gen Ten-ers are definitely super adorable; thrilled mothers Blue and Vienna certainly are overjoyed with them.

Mm, it's an adorable family unit all round, there's just one problem with it...

With two different couples living in the same house things are already a bit crowded, but now with the newest additions thrown in Parv and Aphro make eight, and this means Bailey's baby-to-be is all set up with no place to go. I mean, I have a mod that lets me have more than eight Sims in a household but it always seems to cause problems for me. And so, alternative solutions will have to be sought instead.

Sad times indeed- the Heart-Marquis' are moving out. Eh, it's probably for the best that they're given their own space, and we shall all miss them.

...Well, maybe not all- Aurora's certainly not going to shed any tears over Vienna's departure.

With Blue and Co all set up in a shiny new home we were now down to the sexy foursome of Bailey, Eli, Aurora, and Angelius- and of course the little one on the way. It was an exciting time for all with a new life about to come into the world, and the whole family couldn't wait. Well, I say that, but actually it seems Bailey's the only excited one.

Eli and Aurora quite simply couldn't give a fuck- made clear by the fact that, barely a few minutes after Blue and Vienna had left, they launched into a massive argument.

Mm, reducing the household size really hasn't helped to bring them closer together at all...

And then, amid the name-calling and hair-pulling, Bailey just had to add to the chaos by going into labour.

And amongst the madness was little Angelius, who pottered about the minefield innocently, probably wondering what the hell kind of circus he'd been born into.


Bailey stole Eli and Aurora's attention for all of a minute before they went back to fighting, and so she powered through alone and was eventually rewarded with some lovely sparkles.

And of course the most important part- a brand new baby girl to love and cherish... I hope.

You can find the storyboard version here if you'd like to rec.


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