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Chapter 34: The Boy Who Failed At Life

Oh Angel, divine denizen of the Heart household. I think I could sum him up in just four words...




(Ever so slightly) creepy.

He definitely has the whole package eh?

But leaving the sexy sumptuousness of Angel aside for a minute we turn to something altogether more, erm... grimy? It's not really a nice way to describe a Simmy I know, but Aurora certainly does tend to look a bit... soiled...

Anyways, it's Aurora's birthday woooooooooo.

Well, doesn't she look just... erm... yeah.

I don't believe I've ever mentioned Aurora's traits to you, mainly because I can't remember anything about them other than the fact that they're all bad. Nothing changed when she gained a new one with her birthday, and Aurora seemed determined to demonstrate just how black-hearted she was by taking the piss out of poor Angelius.

And things didn't stop there as she leapt into a full-blown tirade of insults.

Crikey, with those nails as weapons I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one of Aurora's assaults...

Of course, Angel is used to being bullied by Aurora- he's put up with it his whole life, and by now he's just about sick of it all. Consequently he's moved on from shying away, and now tends to spaz out at his sister whenever she starts on him.

Unfortunately though on this occasion Angel got a little too carried away and, erm, accidentally wet himself...

Shame shame, we know your name.

Then, as if the newly moist pants-region wasn't humiliating enough, Angel even got a slap around the chops.

Aww, don't you just want to wrap him up in a nice big cuddle?

I deffo don't want to embrace Aurora though, and I no one will have to ever again as she's now moving out. Yayyyyy- I mean- oh no I shall miss her terribly... *cough*

The following day there was another birthday occurrence as it was time for youngest child Afia to age up, of course accompanied by her mother and BBF Bailey.

Er... I've gotta say I was expecting something more serene and less... goofy-looking.

Ahhh, she is pretty in her own way I guess. Oh, and she's not the only shiny new teenager in the land at present. You may remember Blue and Vienna's kids who we visited as children last chapter? Well, they're now all growed-up, and boy are they a treat to look at...


Afia had bonded with Aphrodite and Parvati as a child, and now with the girls all the same age once again the friendship continued, though it obviously took on a more sophisticated nature as the girls regularly went out clubbing.

And often the trio were randomly joined by the ghost of Bellamy. How the fuck she got out of the grave and found herself able to get her ghostly groove on I'll never know.

So whilst the girls (and Bellamy) were bonding and boozing, elsewhere Angel was also making friends. I know, Angel has a friend! I'm as shocked as you.

Anyways, this is Mason and he's actually Angel's cousin, being the son of Chase as he is.

Angel always was a loner throughout his childhood- not through choice or traits, but simply because he'd had a lot of bad experiences in life and was very mistrusting of others. Now though with Mason as his new bestest buddy Angel is finally starting to open himself up to new experiences, and the possibility of making even more new friends...

On one night out in Funky Town Angel found himself inexplicably drawn to another for probably the first time in his life, but being as new to the experience as he was he didn't really know what to do about the situation, other than look a bit moony that is.

Mm, stalk all you like Angel, I'm just not sure this is the girl for you...

Oh my, I really should have had a word with Angel about the correct way to make a good impression because spouting off nonsense really isn't the way to do it...

Besides, Tallulah Tamworth definitely doesn't look like the easily impressed type.

Easily disturbed maybe...



Wow, off into the negative relationship points already. Way to go Angel.

After that disastrous first attempt at friendship Angel really had to reassess his methods, and this time around I decided it was probably best to just throw money at the situation and get Tallulah all liqoured up.

It worked for the most part, until Afia showed up and shimmied her fat ass all over Angel's efforts. Bloody douche...

In an effort to keep Afia occupied and out of Angel's way I soon found her someone very pretty to look at. He's a member of the D4rkw34th3r family- hence the prettyness- and methinks he may actually be Gadget's grandson or summink.

Oh, his name is Tavares btw. WTF I know.

Afia fell for him like instantly.

At last, with no distractions and with me clicking off his impulsive insanity, Angel was able to at least get Tallulah to warm to him a little. Hurrah.

Ah, you know what it's like when you get to work and suddenly realise that you forgot to get dressed. No? Just Bailey then...

This fail made me whole day.

Anyways, after surviving the trauma of having his mother show up to school in her underwear, later that night Angel once again worked on wooing Tallulah- me reasoning that it would be easier for her to grow to like him via phone than in person.

Eventually though, after a couple of days spent chatting on the phone and at school, Angel summoned the courage to ask Tallulah to meet him out of hours.

I think the night was pissed on before it really began when Tallulah showed up and Angel promptly fainted. Oh I just spend my days just creasing in embarrassment for the poor lad...

And things didn't get any better when he finally recovered, as once again Angel decided he just had to utter some gibberish.

As much as I like Angel I don't really blame Tallulah for being freaked out- he is coming across as proper mental.

But it's not actually just the crazy crazyness that makes it hard for Angel to get on with Tallulah. As you might have guessed from her posho name Tallulah comes from a very well-off family, and as such she just happens to have the Snob trait.

I'm not sure if anyone will really live up to her expectations.

Well, Angel definitely won't if he carries on at this rate. After their hapless meeting in the park Angel then decided to take Tallulah to the local burger joint for some eats, which as you can imagine is just sooooooo classy.

After chowing down on some greasy treats the prep and the loser sat on a bench outside and had a nice little chat.

Well, Angel had a nice time at least.

Meanwhile, back at home Afia was also working on impressing the object of her affections, though she had a much smarter way of going about it. Her MO was the whole 'Oh please help me with my homework Mr Sexy Man, I'm sooooooooo stoopid' ruse.

It was surprisingly affective at building up their relationship, and it even paved the way for some mild flirting.

Tavares was surprisingly okay with the illicit ogling, especially considering he's- ahem- married with kids...

Eh, I stopped pretending my Sims were in any way moral a long time ago.

Ah, now doesn't this look much more positive? Maybe it was for the best that Angel wasn't able to just leap in with the lips right off, because the slow and steady method has yielded some results in the form of a strong friendship with Tallulah.

Angel was even able to ask her to be his BFF, which is something I've never seen before and it was amazingly cute.


And, later that night, things got even better for Angel as he and Tallulah grew even closer.

A round of applause is due I think.

Perhaps the most striking thing about Angel's relationship with Tallulah was just how quickly it moved after that point. All of sudden I had this 'ask to move in' option pop up, which has never happened for me before with teenagers, but lo and behold it worked and Tallulah accepted and she was soon living in the Heart household.

Naturally Angel was thrilled. Previously he'd spent most of his days yearning after Tallulah and now she was here living with him he didn't have to go far to admire her, and so he spent most days doing just that.

And, when not being idolised by Angel, Tallulah spent most her time worshipping herself.

It was a weird adjustment for Bailey- the head of the household. Of course she wanted her son to be happy, but moving his girlfriend in within such a short space of time was a big shock, and I don't think she ever quite got used to it.

Besides, seeing them together every day only served to remind her of the love she'd lost.

But it wasn't just the overwhelming speed of the relationship that made Tallulah's move into the Heart household difficult to stomach, mainly it was just her personality...

Angel experienced it occasionally- a rude remark, a demand about something, but always he ignored the warning signs and focused instead on his love for the girl.

Afia on the other hand was much less understanding, but that was mainly because she experienced the worst of Tallulah's tirade.

Even guests to the house weren't safe from the wrath of Little Miss Perfect and some- like Aphrodite here- didn't stand for it in the least.

I dunno, you get rid of one peroxide monster and another sets up shop the next week...

Family relations were crumbing under the strain of Tallulah's presence, but Angel was blissfully oblivious.

Hopelessly devoted and lost, this one.

Before long it was time for Angel's birthday and he celebrated with his whole family around him for once.

Methinks Tallulah threatened to beat them all up if they flaked on him again.


Well hellooooooooooo handsome.

Immediately after his birthday party it was obvs time for cake, but at the back of Angel's mind there was something more important going on.

Barely a few minutes after aging up he'd ditched his cake and ran to join Tallulah as always.

You know summink- she may be a bit of a witch but they do make an awesomely cute couple don't they?

Angel certainly thought so. In fact, he was so sure about Tallulah that he felt ready to take the next step in his relationship with her- something he'd been wishing to do for a very long time in fact.

And so he got into the groping stance.

...No wait, that's not right.

Ahh, that's better.

Awww he dropped the box bless him!

There we go. Come on Tallulah I know you're a magpie- accept the shiny thing yes.


Oh hurrah- I was genuinely a bit concerned she would say no.

But yanno in spite of her meanness she really does love Angel.

And naturally the feeling is mutual.

And now only one question remains- will it be happily ever after?

You can find the storyboard version here if you'd like to rec.


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