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Chapter 26: Time for Change

Ah, another bright and beautiful day in Bridgeport, and the beginnings of a fresh start for one Addison Heart.

Changes are afoot too for Addison's parents Micah and Sky. After a life spent whizzing through the celebrity circuit Micah and Sky were now enjoying their retirement, and as such it seemed an appropriate time for them to find some place quiet to settle down.

Luckily they didn't have to look far as the perfect retirement spot was already available- the old Heart family home where Micah grew up.

Micah and Sky moved in immediately, and as for Addison? Well, at first she didn't look too happy about this turn of events. As a Family Oriented Sim she was always very close to her parents, so naturally moving away from them would be difficult, at least at first.

But when Addi got to her brand new home she suddenly started to feel a bit better about things.

I think I can understand why.

Part of the reason why Addison settled into her new house so easily was probably because it was designed especially for her. Addi's most explicit trait is Loves the Outdoors, and because of this Addison spends almost all of her time outside. The new house afforded her multiple opportunities to enjoy her days out in nature, whether it be gardening...


...Or just simply marvelling in the beautiful view of Bridgeport from her own back yard.

As well as dedicating a lot of time to skilling, Addison also made sure to check in with her friends every so often in order to keep her social levels up. Childhood bestie Gizmo was a regular visitor to the house, though he did marry and have kids not too long after which naturally inhibited the amount of time he could spent with Addi.

With Gizmo busy living the family life Addison had to look for new friends, and luckily she found some in the form of couple Clark and Erin.

Okay, I'm gonna level with you here- for the first week or so of her Young Adult life, Addison didn't do a whole lot. As a Genius she was really just interested in improving her skills, so that's exactly what she did. Nights were spent stargazing in order to improve the logic skill.

Often Addison would channel founder of The Heart Legacy Winter as she dug through piles of scrap to aid her in her inventing endeavours.

I think she was channelling Winter a bit too much though when she set herself on fire...

Before long, Addison's efforts in self-improvement began to bear fruit, quite literally in some cases as her garden grew from strength to strength.

But whilst her garden was growing, other parts of Bridgeport were being actively destroyed by Addison as she further improved her inventing skill. Addi revelled in blowing things up for scrap, but the Bridgeport council weren't exactly happy about her new-found pastime, as I discovered when Addison was fined $67,000(!)

She couldn't pay it- she had no job and hardly any money. So, I just deleted the repo man when he came... Ssshh, don't tell anyone.

But in spite of the efforts I'd gone to in order to preserve Addison's pretty little home, the girl herself didn't seem so concerned about it as she tore up the driveway with a miner. Biatch.

Addison got what she wanted in the end though- a magical hole in the ground and a chance for a bit of spelunking.

On one of her days off Addison popped round to her parents house for a lovely visit. Well, that was the intention, but Micah kept freaking out which soured things slightly.

Even more unfortunately, this was to be the last time Addi ever saw her parents as they died not long after.

But, even with Micah and Sky gone, their legacy lived on. Because her parents were such top-level celebrities this was passed on to Addison in the form of her gaining a level three celebrity status herself. Sadly for Addison though this was exactly what she didn't want, and a life spent out of the limelight didn't seem to stop the paparazzi hounding her.

At one point Addison actually broke down and started crying in the garden as the horrible paparazzi woman took yet another picture of her. Poor dear.

Luckily though the next day brought something brighter with it. Gossip is rife in Bridgeport, especially when you've got a Story Progression mod like mine, and sometimes the tales you hear can be tantalising...

On this particular day there was news of a marriage break-up, which is normally a terrible thing but for Addison it was just what she needed.

That's right, Gadget D4rkw34th3r is back on the market once again.

Gagdet was Addison's teenage crush, and even though they'd never gone any further than flirting it hurt her a lot when he'd married and started a family. Now though he was single again, and Addison knew just how to woo him with a lovely home-made meal. Well, actually it turned out that Gadget was a vegetarian and he had to run to the bathroom to vom not long after, but nevermind eh!

After Gadget was finished in the bathroom, he and Addi sat down for a nice chat so that they could catch up on each other's lives.

But instead this soon ended up in a series of tongue twister games, which I imagine is exactly what Addison was hoping for.

The following morning should have been shiny and new- the first day for Addison of her new life with long unrequited love Gagdet, but sadly it seemed things just weren't meant to be again. Once more the rumour mill went into overdrive, this time awash with the news that Gadget had remarried.

I'll say this for the boy- he doesn't hang around does he?

Perhaps it was fate then when, later that day, Addison built her first time machine and immediately wished to take a trip into the past.

Addison returned after nightfall looking tense and worried. What had occurred during her visit to the past I guess we'll never know, all we can be sure of is that it changed her life forever.

It made her a mother.

When Addison first came across the little girl standing in her kitchen she was understandably perturbed. It was a shock to the system- one that would take time to adjust to.

But I guess for Addison not so much adjustment was needed after all, and- being the Family Oriented Sim that she was- maybe a child was just what she needed. Ariella was absolutely welcome.

Having a daughter all of a sudden was wonderful but it definitely presented some problems. As I've mentioned before Addison didn't have a job, and her hobbies bought in little funds. So, with no bedroom to offer Ariella the two just ended up sharing a bed.

I think it worked out for the best though as being in such close proximity all the time ultimately brought Addison and Ariella closer, and enabled them to bond as mother and daughter.

The two spent most days together, with Ariella becoming as interested in skilling as her mother was.

Eventually Ariella started going to school just like everyone else, and although it was a strange new experience for her Addison was there to assist with homework and the like.

Addison further helped her daughter adjust to her new surroundings by taking her to places such as the Art Gallery, which she loved. Strangely enough though on their first trip there they ran into Gadget and Jereme- his son from his first marriage.

The meeting in the Art Gallery was understandably awkward, and afterwards Addison and Ariella went to Addi's friends' house to unwind.

Before long Ariella's childhood years were over and it was time for her to age up, and naturally Addison was there to cheer her on.

And so, Ariella went from Fairy Princess...

...To Cave Girl. Embracing her time machine roots I'm sure.

Family hug!

Not long after her birthday a partied-out Ariella went to bed, leaving Addison to her nightly inventing pursuits. She'd been dedicating a lot more time to the craft recently in order to build a certain master invention, and I think we all know what that means...

Inappropriate microwave lovin'.

Kind readers of The Heart Family Legacy- meet Valentine V-1000.

Addison had been a little lonely for a while. Sure she had Ariella, but after her parents had died she had no real adult company, and so she had created Valentine so she had someone to talk to.

There was also hope that Valentine would be able to assist Addison around the house and such, but unfortunately as time went on this seemed less and less likely. With Humperdink in Gen 1 we had a coffee junkie, and with Valentine we have a playboy alcoholic.

Whilst previous Simbots have helped the Hearts with gardening and cleaning, Valentine's main pursuits turned out to be drinking and falling off the trampoline.

Oh, but ultimately though his one favourite pastime was scoping out Addison's rear whenever she walked by.

I must say though, he wasn't actually great at the suave and sophisticated thing.

It's ironic really- Addison has been so desperate to shake off her celebrity status, but Valentine can't get enough of the fame. On only his second night in the Heart household he immediately wished to go out on the town, and so I took him to Funky Town and got him a few drinks.

But you know, there's a reason why robots shouldn't drink...

This is why.

This is why.

This is why.

This is--- oh, you get the picture.

Meanwhile, other members of the Heart household were busy with much more innocent pursuits.

Ariella had recently made her very first friend- a boy from school by the name of Hans Caspian (epic name I know, and it's all down to SP).

After getting to know Hans between classes at school, pretty soon the two were hanging out after hours as well.

And, after a lot of time spent together, eventually Ariella plucked up the courage to ask Hans to be her boyfriend.

And he said YEA.

Teenage love has got to be healthier than seedy microwave love...

When not fondling the microwave's knobs, Valentine of course whiled away many hours following the yummy mummy that is Addison, only on one particular day with (dutch) courage coursing through his tubes he felt ready to try and take things further.

But how best to approach the object of his lust?

Mm, a clumsy grab is always a winner.

I was genuinely surprised that Addison responded so favourably. She must really be depressed...

Valentine may have made a big move by getting to lock lips (slash nuts and bolts) with Addison, but that didn't mean she'd give it all up so easily. And so, Valentine tried to live up to his namesake by wooing her.

First he made her a drink and stared at her rack.

Then he serenaded her.

Then, well Addi just agreed to go to bed with him.

*insert creaking noises*

More creaking noises were in order the next day as Addison celebrated her birthday and became an Adult, and that wasn't the only thing that was changing...

Oil leak?

Mm, apparently Addi and Valentine had experienced a tad too much fun in the bedroom, and now Addison was pregnant with baby Simbots. I think the mildly concerned look on her face says it all.

And Addison wasn't the only one rocked by recent events- Ariella practically flipped her lid when she was told the news.

I kind of wish Ariella was happier for her mother, but at the same time I don't really blame her for that disturbed look she's got.

It is a bit scary...

The pregnancy may have been unconventional at best, but that didn't stop Addison and Valentine from setting out to be the best parents they could be by reading all about the subject.

When not swotting up, life didn't really change much for Addison now that she was pregnant. Her garden was always her main focus so she made sure to keep it well maintained.

Addi even had time for a few trips though time, though I made sure to keep her in the future this time- I don't think I could handle any more surprises.

Mm, you see- this is what I was afraid of.

Thankfully Addison managed to get out of the time machine eventually, and not long after she went into labour.

In the early hours of the morning the Heart family welcomed a lovely (deformed looking) baby girl.

As well as a shiny baby bot, I mean, boy.

Considering this is the look Addison pulled as soon as she'd dumped the kiddies down I think you can guess what she thinks of the fact that she's just popped out some human/Simbot babies. How will Addi and Valentine cope as parents? Find out next time...

You can find the storyboard version here if you'd like to rec.


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