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Chapter 25: Pretty in Pink

Ah love, amour, liebe... err, I've run out.

Micah and Sky here really are living life to the fullest. Not only are they top-notch celebrities in their own rights, their also madly in love with each other and they're expecting their first baby. Hurrah!

Altogether now- awwwwwwww.

However, as sweet as this pretty picture may be it's not quite perfect enough. Y'see, in the mad world of Simlebrity image is everything, and apparently having a bambino out of wedlock is WROOOONG. Micah's celebrity status means everything to her, so naturally something had to be done to remedy the current situation.

Ah, that's much better- good thinking Batman, I mean, Sky.

By this point in the game Micah was pretty humungo-league pregnant and she was getting a little bit bored of being stuck in the house all day long. To remedy this, she and Sky took a trip to visit friends Ashleigh and St0rm D4rkw34th3r, and it didn't take long for Micah to start bitching...

Of course, Ashleigh wasn't much help either- she pretty much rejected everything Micah said.

Come on girls! These two used to be bestest friends when they were little- who would have thought the pressures of celebrity would break all that up?

Well, the pressures of celebrity twinned with Micah and Ashleigh's toxic personalities...

But yanno for once it wasn't all Micah causing trouble. Nope, flirty little fudgesicle St0rm decided it would just be a fantabulous idea to try and chat up Micah.

Right in front of his wife...

But, Ashleigh being Ashleigh, the blame ended up being placed firmly on Micah's overburdened shoulders. The two girls got into a massive fight whilst St0rm (I assume) skulked off to fuck up something else.

Pretty soon after that it was decided that Micah had outstayed her welcome, and she and Sky were asked never to return to the magical kingdom. They spent the rest of the evening chilling in a park just down the road, where Sky fixed dinner and Micah glared at him like it was somehow all his fault. Boy they seem married already...

I think both warring factions really could have done with some time to cool down, but sadly that wasn't an option as Ashleigh and St0rm had been invited to the wedding that night before the big bust-up had occurred. And so, somehow everyone gathered in relative tranquillity to witness the joyous union of Micah Heart and Sky Sindel.

*round of applause*

They kept their own last names, in that customary celebrity style.

Heyyyy, what's this? I specifically made sure to book a private venue for the wedding party, how'd this trashy 'razzi bitch get in?!

Micah of course immediately decided that she wasn't going to let anyone be more inappropriate than her on her wedding day, and naturally the only solution was to pick a fight with the paparazzo in the middle of the ceremony.

But alas the excitement was just too much for our fair maiden, and she promptly went into labour.

Not that doting husband Sky really noticed- first he was too busy admiring his shiny shiny wedding ring and then he was consumed with the need to bust out a tune.

Micah delivered a healthy baby girl in the hospital all by lonesome, which is probably why she looks so pissed about it...

The next day brought about the birthday of the new baby, which was witnessed by her loving parents.

Err, did I say loving? Maybe the words I should have used are 'demented' and 'scary', at least in relation to Micah. This is genuinely the face she made when she saw her little girl as a toddler, and she walked around glaring at the little girl for a long while. With a reaction like this I bet you can only image the horror she was facing...

...Or maybe not. I don't know what Micah's problem is- personally I think Addison is a beauty in the making.

Her daddy Sky was certainly quite taken with her.

But alas the bond between mother and daughter floundered for a while. Micah attempted to make good on her potential as a parent by teaching Addison to talk, but sadly it just didn't quite work out.

In the end I think Micah realised that maybe she wasn't the most qualified person to be imparting knowledge, so instead she settled for just playing with her little girl. It's probably for the best- I imagine all Micah could instruct people in is hairdos and posing and meanness...

Ahh, what an adorable little family. Who'd have thought the Queen of Mean could achieve all of this?

Before long, Addison's days as a toddler were drawing to a close and it was time for her to become a child.

Thankfully this time her birthday wasn't accompanied by her mother scowling, just some nice sparkles instead.

As a child, it didn't take long for Addison to begin adhering to her traits. As a Genius she became consumed with the pursuit of knowledge- a far cry from her celebrity obsessed parents.

But that's not to say she could exactly avoid the glare of the public eye. As the daughter of a level 5 and level 4 celebrity couple, Addison had automatically received level 3 status and was often followed by the paparazzi- in fact, the same 'razzo who was there when she was born. It's a little bit creepish...

It soon became clear that Addison was a very independent child, which happily suited her parents well as it gave them time to themselves again. Micah and Sky didn't roll wants for any more children which frankly I was relieved by, and instead they once again spent their days chasing celebrity and, well, snogging.

And for Micah time was also dedicated to going round annoying everyone... On an ill-advised family trip to the D4rkw34th3r house, Micah once again got into trouble- this time by making fun of eldest D4rkw34th3r child Gadget.

Gadget was understandably peeved, and then concerned... Gadget may be like a billion years older than her but to Addison he was the man of her dreams, and she made that clear by following him around and gazing at him adoringly. Bless.

Eventually though I managed to pull the lovestruck planet of Addison away from the orbit of Gadget as she was introduced to someone nearer her own age- middle child Gizmo.

She even had time for the newest member of the D4rkw34th4r family- toddler Gimmick.

It was clear that Gadget was too old for her and Gimmick was too young, so in the end Addison spent her days with Gizmo, and he became her bestie.


Addison's birthday now, which was unfortunately celebrated alone on the pavement (or sidewalk to most of youse guise) for she was just on her way home after a late night jaunt at the cinema.

You probably want to see her in daylight right? Okay then, just put your earmufflers on....


Oh I fell in love with Addison like instantly.

And I wasn't the only one enamoured by her appearance...

Despite the aforementioned humungo age gap- evident still by the fact that Gadget was now a Young Adult- he and Addison seemed to really hit it off. Well, Addison began to flirt with him instantly, and Gadget went along with it.

But if you're boohooing now because you'd already picked out matching wedding outfits for Addison and Gizmo in your mind, I'm sorry- it ain't gonna happen. Unfortunately there's no real romantic link between Addy and Gizmo, and as you can see Giz is just thrilled to see his bro and his best friend getting their flirt on.

I was kind of sweet on the idea of Addison and Gadget as a couple from the get-go, but as always fate (or rather my Story Progression mod) can have other plans...

The next day, after she was finished at school, Addison immediately rang up Gadget to ask him out, but horror of horrors he'd only gone and gotten married earlier that day! Bloody hell mate.

Addison was crushed and in Heart family tradition I sent her to Funky Town to alleviate her woes, but strangely it didn't seem to do the job. You'd have thought with parents like hers Addison would have turned out to be a fully-fledged celebrity brat, but really she's just a simple girl at heart and she prefers books over booze.

All Addison wanted in essence was a simple life, but it wasn't easy for her. For one, the damn paparazzi kept following her wherever she went, which made being a normal teenager nigh impossible.

For the most part Addison just retreated to the library for solitude because, although she doesn't look very happy about it here, it was her favourite place to be.

In a complete contrast to the generation before her, Addison was a essentially a bit of a geek. She was a Bookworm and a Genius, and was never happier than when building up her logic skill...

...Or digging through piles of junk...

...Or just spending time out with the butterflies.

You see, one of Addison's other traits was Loves the Outdoors, so nearly all of her time was spent out in the world- and the lovely contraption you see here really helped matters. As a bonus for reaching the top of her career Micah had received this snazzy celebrity trailer, and after it had been given to Addison it enabled her to bed down for the night wherever she saw fit.

As the days drew on Addison spent hardly any time at home, preferring instead to be out in the great outdoors.

Although her fishing wasn't so great...

Or even good at all...

Addison's final trait was Family Oriented, so although she didn't really like being cooped up at home she did love spending time with her family, and luckily Micah and Sky were happy to join their daughter in some of her camping expeditions.

Addison also had some visitors in the form of Gizmo and Gimmick (and a paparazzo, but we'll ignore her).

By this point her teenage crush Gadget was settled down and had children, so I wasn't too surprised when Addison rolled a wish to move on, though quite why she wanted to kiss Gimmick I'm not sure.

Addison spent I think a full week just living in the park across from her school, only venturing outside its bounds to go to class or to pop to the grocery store for food.

Occasionally she would venture to the D4rkw34th4r house to see her friends, but that was about it.

When the time came for Micah and Sky's sad demise, I mean, day of aging I knew we weren't going to get Addison to come home for the occasion, so instead the duo celebrated in the park, where they were mocked by St0rm...

Say one last goodbye to the pretty faces everyone. Sob!

I'm genuinely saddened by Micah and Sky becoming olde so I'm not even going to show you their wrinkly faces close up- instead we shall just witness them doing the jitterbug. They may have sagged a lot in recent times, but Micah and Sky remain as young at heart as ever.

Well, they must be as they both retired to the celebrity trailer to woohoo not long after.

Addison must just be crawling with embarrassment...

Despite her many, many years in the public eye, Micah's new found old-biddyness meant that it was time for her to hang up her acting shoes and retire gracefully. Well, that was the plan- but Sky's decision to taunt Micah with a yeti sign for ages took the shine off a bit.

A few days later and it was time for another celebration as Addison prepared to become a Young Adult- the occasion marked by a party on the beach.

Addison blew out the candles, supported by her friends and family.

And then it was sparkly time.

Oh, I see the Sky in this one.

So, how will Addison's life pan out as a Young Adult? Find out next time...

You can find the storyboard version here if you'd like to rec.


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