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Chapter 28: What's Your Major Malfunction?


Aye, the Addison labour alarm goes into overdrive once again as we herald the arrival of her fifth child. Up until this point she's actually only given birth once before, but that's the Hearts for ya- they never do anything the normal way.

An example of such is the pimped-up way Addi took herself to the hospital.

Show off.

Anyways, in the early hours of the morning the Heart household welcomed the pitter patter of tiny feet once again as Chase Heart was brought into the world. Huzzah.

With Addison busy caring for her newborn, I turned my attention to some of the older Heart kids- particularly human/Simbot hybrids Rain and Thorn who were occupied by embracing teenage life.

Rain had recently acquired the Schmoozer trait, and as such was preparing himself for his future political career by improving his charisma skill.

Thorn on the other hand was, well, just out being generally amazing. Like most of youse guise out there I fell in love with Thorn as soon as she spanny-span into teenagedom, and afterwards the more and more time I spent stalking her the deeper I fell.

I think one of the bestest things about her is the random faces she keeps pulling at me every so often. This is one of my favourite looks- it says "I'm fleshy on the outside and metal on the inside- what the fuck where you thinking?!"

Mm, it's a weird olde life for Thorn and Rain, mainly because they're not only human/Simbots, they're teen human/Simbots, and as such they shouldn't exist and the mechanics of how they work is a little bit unusual.

For example, neither Thorn nor Rain can eat scrap and they can't get sustenance from regular food, so consequently I have to just drag their hunger bars up to keep them alive. It's all very fascinating I know and it just begs more questions, and what am I if not a slave to science? Okay, I'm more a slave to Pop Tarts than I am science, but still- I wanted to find out more about how Thorn and Rain worked, and as such I, erm, directed Thorn to the swimming pool so I could see whether she'd short-out or not. Don't kill me.

But don't worry! Thorn didn't die or anyfink- she didn't even burn out. No, in reality she just proper spazzed a bit in the pool then froze. I used the resetsim cheat to pop her back to the land of the living, it's okay, don't kill me...

Oh, but speaking of things spazzing out- this lovely image commemorates the birthday of adopted child Zula. Yes, really.

The family were on their way to oldest daughter Ariella's house for a party when all of a sudden Thorn and Zula's car stopped on the bridge so that Zula could (rather inconveniently) celebrate her birthday, but instead of doing it the normal way she got stuck troll-like under the bridge and aged up there whilst Thorn looked around vacantly. 

Eventually she popped back up above ground, thank gawd.

And this is what she looks like, in case you don't have night vision.

Eventually the whole group made it to the party in one piece, and whilst there Rain decided to go all creeper on me as he stalked Gadget D4rkw34th3r's son Jereme.

Apparently Thorn thought he was a bit of alright too.

Later that night it was time for Chase's birthday, and thankfully this one went through without incident.



As you can see Chase aged up into an adorable looking toddler and naturally mother Addison was thrilled, there was just one problem...

As soon as she saw his face- his beautiful brown eyes in particular- Addison couldn't help but be reminded of Chase's father; the unrequited love of her life, Gadget D4rkw34th3r.

She knew it was a bad idea as soon as she'd finished dialling, but regardless Addison couldn't help but reach out to her forever crush just once more, just to see if he was interested at all in her or their child.

He wasn't- he didn't even make an effort, he just told her he was too busy to talk. Sad face.

Later that night, sad and eager to push her troubles down and drown them in whisky, Addison invited her close-friends Clark and Erin round to cheer her up.

After a few drinks the trio settled down in the living room in front of the television, and that's when something quite interesting happened...

I'd say Addi's feeling a lot better now.

The next day Addison spent all of her time with Chase, realising that he couldn't help who his father was, and as such he deserved as much attention as any of her other children. But on that subject...

There were about to be some more on the way...

Whilst Addison was at home coming to terms with her good news, out in Bridgeport Rain was spending some quality time with his father Valentine.

Elsewhere, in nearby club Funky Town, Thorn was enjoying some alcoholic lubricant as she spent a night out on the town.

No more drink for this one.

Over the next couple of days Thorn became a bit of a regular at Funky Town as she merrily danced the night away- her moves pretty neat considering how jerky her joints usually are.

But although she certainly loved a bit of night life, family remained one of the most important things to Thorn- as she proved when she took time to teach Chase some life skills.

Whilst Thorn and Chase were bonding, elsewhere in the household a different kind of family gathering was occurring- a very spazmatic kind.

As I'd feared the curse of the Simbots is back. Frowny face. It's weird cause things with Valentine were absolutely fine, but now with Thorn and Rain in existence certain members of the family keep glitching and getting stuck in one place for a ridonkulously long time. 

Weirdly though the main victim of this is Zula, so I don't know if maybe it's an adopted thing too? Either way, the poor gal actually spent most of her childhood years frozen to one spot, and consequently her schoolwork majorly suffered.

Not everyone was having a hard time though- Addison, Thorn, and Chase were all fine (and that's all that matters *cough*).

Before long it was time for Chase's birthday, which was celebrated without a cake because I'm lazy.

Back to Addison now as we catch up on her blossoming pregnancy. By this point she was pretty far gone and Thorn was darn excited about the whole thing.

Later that day Addi went into labour in the garden of all places.

Immediately Thorn made sure to get Chase and Rain to school- though sadly Zula was left behind due to glitchyness- and in the meantime Addison made her way to the hospital.

And in time she returned home with a whole basket full of goodies.

While Addison cared for the new bebbies (more on that later) Thorn once again took a role in caring for the other young'uns- particularly Chase.

Thorn helped Chase out a lot in his childhood years- from socialising with him to assisting with him in his homework, and in time they became bestest buddies.

The following night it was time for Zula's birthday, which she sadly spent alone just outside some randomer's apartment. I think she was visiting someone for an opportunity or summat but she got stuck. Ho well!

And she is as a teenager. Well...

...Here she is- spazzing as per usual.

And here some other new faces for you in the form of Addison's most recent arrivals!

This is Blue. I really lucked out with her inheriting Sky's hair colour didn't I?

And this is Fox.

I think this picture perfectly sums up what the twins are like- Fox is a happy little muffin all the time, whereas Blue is constantly moody- usually for no reason whatsoever.

With two feisty toddlers in the house Addison once again needed as much help as she could get, and thankfully Rain stopped glitching long enough to assist in teaching the toddlers their life skills.

Addison also had some help in the form of a visit from BFFs Clark and Erin who were understandably keen to see the new kiddies.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about the mechanics of this I'll just make it completely clear- Clark is the father of the twins.

During Clark and Erin's visit there was once again a few moments of play.

Including a brief rendezvous through time for some people.

Whilst Addison and Erin were busy in the past, elsewhere in the house Thorn was teaching Blue to talk.

Well, she was for a bit, but then things went a bit wrong as you can see. This falling through the floor thing is caused by the moveobjectson cheat so normally I avoid using it, but what with everyone getting stuck in places I have to cheat to get them out of it, and then it just causes more problems. It's like a spiral of despair.

By this point the glitchyness was definitely getting a lot worse, but fortunately there's usually at least one person unaffected at a time which gives me a bit of wiggleroom. With Chase getting the free reign for a while I was able to work on his social life and he soon made friends with a boy from school called Gavin Somethingorother.

Ah, I've missed the trampoline.

With his needs all nicely fufilled Chase was in so much of a good mood that he even had time for his little sisters, which was surprising to me for one very important reason. Chase... is actually a Snob.

Now, given the fun we had with Micah I was expecting Chase to be somewhat of a terror too, but he's actually quite sweet.

But not as sweet as Blue, eeeeeeeeeeee!

The following day it was Super Fun Birthday Time as five of the Hearts prepared to age up.

Chase was up first.

Ooof, what a dashing young man.

Next came Blue and Fox, assisted by Simbots.

Then it was Rain's turn.

And finally the beauteous Thorn.

Aww, still so purdy.

Birthdays done with it was time to party but, well, that didn't quite work out. Instantly the whole group started spazzing out uncontrollably- and while for most this meant getting freaked Blue just seemed pissed off at the whole situation.

This glitch sesh lasted for a long while yanno, which was a bit of a shame as there really were more important things going on in the house at that moment in time...

Like, oh I don't know, children from the past?

Time machine children really are like Pokemanz- gotta catch 'em all.

You can find the storyboard version here if you'd like to rec.


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