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Chapter 30: Teenage Dream

You know I've had many beautiful Simmies grace my legacy throughout the past few months- the much-loved Bellamy to name just one- but one thing I've been sadly deprived of is a more goofy style of beauty. Well, not any more!

Bailey, you are weird, but I do love you.

And Bailey's not the only one going for gurner of the year- Blue is just as facially challenged at times. I put most of her problems down to the perils of living in glitchhell though.

But you'll be pleased to know that when she isn't freaking out our Blue is a radiant specimen, as I think we all knew she would be.

So, Blue and Bailey make up one half of the teenage dream taking over the Heart household at present. With all the older kiddies moved out I'm left with this sexy trio and their older brother Chase. Fox, Blue, and Bailey have been close since childhood and as such spend most of their time together, whereas Chase is a bit more of a solitary bee.

Well, he is for the most part, but in recent times Chase has found himself entangled in the embrace of another as he experiences his first flush at romance.

The girl in question is called Robyn Moore and, after a bit of time spent socialising and all that, the two became firm friends.

And naturally this lead to some kissin'.

But that's not to say Chase and Robyn's relationship was all smooth sailing. Nope, with Chase having a bit of a temper, tensions between the new couple often reached boiling point as he lashed out over nothing.

But Robyn definitely gave as good as she got- as a Hot Headed Sim she could always be relied on to continue the argument.

With such fiery personalities in such close quarters it wasn't surprising that sometimes things reached a breaking point, and this often lead to a break up.

It didn't last long though- Chase and Robyn would always be back in each other's arms hours later.

Apparently Bailey and Blue found the whole palaver rather fascinating.

When not watching the terminally captivating relationship of Chase and Robyn, the other members of the household did occasionally have better things to do. Bailey could usually be found glued to her telescope, though the arcade machine I bought her did provide a distraction at times.

Elsewhere, Blue whiled away hours in front of the mirror as she improved her Charisma skill. It's probably no surprise to hear that Blue is a Charismatic laydee, and she also has the Star Quality trait with her eyes set firmly on stardom.

Meanwhile, twin sister Fox is the darker side of the moon. She's a Loner so she just prefers to be by herself, and most of her time is dedicated to sculpting or painting.

And what of the oldest member of the Heart household- matriarch Addison? Well, even though she's now an elder Addi showed no signs of taking up knitting and the like- instead she preferred to spend her days fannying about in the sprinkler.

Fuck me she looks good for an elder doesn't she? If it wasn't for the slight wrinklyness you'd never even know she was past it.

Anyways, back to the kiddies again now as we join the Heart teens on a night out. God don't they look like a shower of miserable bastards? It's a wonder I bother to take them to Funky Town at all- I feel the spectacle is wasted on their mardy arses.

Blue in particular tends to piss all over any occasion with a permanent scowl.

But although things got off to a miserable start, eventually the foursome perked up a bit as they took to the dancefloor. Woo.

As the quartet's teen years went on, aside from that one outing to Funky Town, Chase began to spend less and less time with his sisters. He did that whole relationship thing- yanno, when you start dating someone and the rest of the world falls out of view, so he didn't have much time for anyone except for Robyn.

Bailey tried her best to remain pals for a while, if only so she could still watch the soap opera that is Chase and Robyn.

But pretty soon she found something much more captivating to regard in the form of Robyn's twin brother Elliot...

It soon became clear that Bailey and Elliot had loads in common, mostly because Bailey liked to follow Eli around doing whatever he liked- smitten kitten that she was.

Both parties had a keen interest in improving the logic skill, and so this became their main pastime.

As well as bonding over shiny chess pieces, Bailey and Elliot also grew close as they watched the stars together. Awwwwww.

Drumroll please... And the award for Most Inappropriate Attire To Wear At Your Child's Birthday Party, as sponsored by Camel Toe Co. goes to.... ADDISON HEART!

Put some clothes on, you loon.

Despite the traumas of seeing Addison's eldery ass on an almost daily basis, Chase managed to survive his teenage years and go on to blow out some candles as he celebrated his birthday.

And then he transformed...

...Into a beautiful (and smouldering) young man. Hurrah!

Ohemgee he's so cute I could just die, and what makes Chase all the more desirable is the fact that he's now a fireman!


Sadly for Chase though he didn't really handle any emergencies in the time that I managed his career. No, I'm afraid I was rather distracted by other things...

Oh you just know I'm a sucker for a budding teen romance, especially one that fills me with geeker joy.

Bailey and Elliot really are just too delightful for words.

You know, I think the thing I really like about Bailey and Elliot's relationship is how different it is- which is down to just how avant-garde Bailey is herself. Throughout this legacy I think my Simmies have received admiration for one main achievement- their pretty pretty looks, but in Bailey I have a little smartypants as well as the beauty. She's an adorable little package.

Her pursuit of Elliot is the thing that really put me over the edge in lurve for her, because watching Bailey bond with the boy by using her brain instead of her booty was really sweet to see. Her uber Logic points enabled her to tutor him and build their friendship that way, until it was time to move in for the kill...

After their lovely picnic in the park, Bailey and Elliot gave their massive brains a rest for a bit as they just enjoyed a nice game of catch.

And then the two talked for a while whilst a giant butterfly attached itself to Elliot's butt. Ha, you get it- butt-erfly. AHAHAHA!

...I'll let myself out.

Anyways! Before long the time had come for Bailey to take Elliot from BFF to boyfriend, but to my delight he actually made the move first.

Alright trouty mouth, calm down...

Nudged on by positive signs from Eli, Bailey felt strong enough to ask him to be her boyfriend.

Elliot said yes, and the butterflies were fucking thrilled.

And so was I.

You know for the most part in my legacy there's always at least one child in each generation who gets left behind and never finds love, but not this time! Well, let's just forgot about Zula and Rain (I already have *cough*).

In my mission of No Heart Left Unloved, I next turned my attention to Fox, and luckily it wasn't that hard to find her a suitor.

This surprisingly cute young man is Gavin Valentine- Chase's friend from childhood; now new and improved with much better hair.

Fox and Gavin hit it off immediately, and in a matter of Sim hours Fox was already making a plan...

...To plant her lips on him.


I know Bailey's got a big gob Thorn but there's no reason to try and block it up.

Oh I see- it's not an attempt to silence Bailey's flapping gums, Thorn's just overjoyed at her recent marriage. That's right, marriage! You may remember that last time around we saw Simbot lovely Thorn move out with her vampire boyfriend Raichu, and a week or so afterwards I got an announcement saying they were man and wife. Yay!!!

Being Family Oriented as she was, Addison was just thrilled at Thorn's good news and made sure to congratulate her daughter.

Ah, it really seemed like love was in the air in the Heart household. With Chase, Bailey, Fox, and even Thorn paired up there was only one single left...


Now you'd think getting Blue a significant other would be a piece of piss- after all, she's gorgeous and you'd have to be a mental not to want her. However, I sensed sorting Blue's love life would be a little trickier than most because she had actually already found the one she wanted to be with, and the only thing left was to tell them.

Of course, simple matters like declaring your love aren't so easy when you're painfully shy...

Blue had secretly admired her special someone for a long time, and she had absolutely no idea how she was going to even approach them. And so instead she chose to simply pay daily visits to the place where her object of desire worked so she could watch them from afar...

...And yearn.

Vienna Marquis worked in the local salon as a top stylist, and Blue was just in awe of her. Each day she watched Vienna as she worked on prettying up the nation and couldn't help but be enthralled by her presence, and intimidated...

Vienna was so cool, so sure of herself and confident- and Blue? Well, she was still a girl- a girl so dainty and demure that she didn't even know the first word to say to the woman she loved; not even a hello, let alone the three earthshaker words.

As time went by Blue spent more and more time at the salon, just itching to confess but always resisting- too afraid of rejection to speak her piece.

Eventually though she did manage to get out a sentence or two- a definite achievement, even if all she could say was "Can I have a makeover?"

Vienna did do a fab job though.

Well, she definitely thought so.

And finally a few more utterances- a simple "Thank you", and a grateful smile.

Oh dear, what's going on here then? I leave my Simmies alone for two minutes whilst I tend to Blue's needs and what do I get? An almost-riot on my hands. I'm thinking Chase's temper and Elliot's Inappropriate trait do not mix well...

Thankfully no punches were thrown, and before long the whole household gathered as they celebrated Bailey's birthday- which naturally she celebrated with her BFF/BF.

Eli aged first.

Ooh my. I would.

And then came Bailey.

Aww! Long live the geek.

Now as you know Bailey and Elliot are hopelessly devoted to one another, so it was no surprise to anyone when Eli immediately moved in.

He and Bailey were overjoyed to be living under the same roof at last, and celebrated by basically just smooching up a storm.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee they're so cute!

Ahem, cute and oh so at ease in each other's company...

Yep, Bailey and Elliot really are one of those very co-dependent couples. They do almost everything together- even down to the joint rubber duckies.

Not that I can blame Bailey for being so in to her fella- he is rather swoonsome.

Hehe, I can't tell you how much I love this picture *cheesy grin*

Err, Bailey?

Bailey what the hell are you doing?!

Oh my. I think it's time to leave the soapy duo alone for a bit...

So, a couple of days later and it was birthday time once again as Blue and Fox prepared to age up (and mercifully Addison had some appropriate clothing on for once).

Fox was the first to age.

You know, if it wasn't for the weirdness in the mouth to eye ratio I think she'd be alright...

And then it was Blue's turn.

Wow. And I didn't even think she could get any more beautiful.

And that, my friends, is it for this chapter. I shall leave you with another pic of Bailey and Elliot in the tub, because I can. Ta-rah!

You can find the storyboard version here if you'd like to rec.


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